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Promoting Equality

Our Lady of Grace Equality Objective 2023/24


To promote the British Value of mutual respect and help children understand how mutual respect builds communities.



Equality Statement

As a school we welcome our duties under the Equality Act 2010 and are committed to:


  • eliminating discrimination, harassment and victimisation
  • advancing equality of opportunity
  • fostering good relations


We see all learners and potential learners, and their parents and carers as equal.


We understand the principles of the act and the work needed to ensure that those with protected characteristics are not discriminated against and are given equality of opportunity. 


A protected characteristic under the act covers the groups listed below:

  • age (for employees not for service provision)
  • disability
  • race


  • sex (including issues of transgender)
  • gender reassignment
  • maternity and pregnancy
  • religion and belief
  • sexual orientation
  • marriage and civil partnership (for employees)


In advancing equality of opportunity:

  • we aim to remove or minimise disadvantages suffered by people due to their protected characteristics;
  • we aim to meet the needs of people with certain protected characteristics where these are different from the needs of other people;
  • we encourage people with certain protected characteristics to participate in public life or in other activities where their participation is disproportionately low.

Equality Policy