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Welcome to the Foundation Stage


Welcome to all of our children and families. We have been having so much fun during our first few weeks: making new friends, settling in, working hard and most importantly having fun!


Don't forget to keep checking this page to see some of the many fun learning opportunties we take part in.

New Parent Support Emails (to only be used if needed during a lockdown) below


f2h@ourladyofgracercprimaryschool.co.uk   (please also use f you are a F1 -Nursery parent)




Wednesday Word

Please find the link below to Sunday's Gospel. Share the gospel together enjoy completing one or two of the activities.



Pentecost and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit


We have shared the Gospel reading of Pentecost and with the help of some talented pupils retold the story through roleplay.

We then explored the gifts of the Holy Spirit. In the EYFS we have been focusing on the gift of wisdom.


The Holy Spirit gave us the gift of wisdom.

Frogs Frogs Frogs! We can't believe we had so much fun learning about frogs.

May is the Month of Mary


We have enjoyed starting the month of May with an assembly dedicated to Our Lady. During which, we presented Our Lady with flowers.



The Resurrection of Jesus


The children have responded creatively to the story of the resurrection of Jesus by creating oil pastel crosses in celebration of this wonderful event.

The children in the EYFS participate actively in our assemblies through prayer, song and drama. Below you will see some examples of our beautiful assemblies that took place during Holy Week.

Sam Plants a Sunflower


We enjoyed sharing the story of Sam Plants a Sunflower. We have learnt all about planting sunflowers, what they need to grow and their parts.

With Mrs Kelly's help we were able to plant our own sunflowers for around our unit. 

We also had the opportunity to make our own textured paint using flour water and paint. We then used our textured paint to create our own paintings. We called them Sunflowers.

Wednesday 30.3.22 - ZED Arts - Ilaria came to school to tell the children a story about Rita the Mouse

Shrove Tuesday - In Nursery we had fun making pancakes

The Tiger Who Came to F2!


We had a shock when we came into school: the place was a mess! There were empty food boxes, packaging and wrappers everywhere. Not to mention the crumbs. 

We looked for clues around the unit to find out what might have happened. We found paw prints and after suspecting a number of animals - a bear, lion, or even a monster we finally decided it must have been the tiger from the Tiger Who Came to Tea.


We tried to create a picture of what the tiger who visited the unit might have looked like. We used oil pastels to create our pictures.



Chinese New Year - Year of the Tiger 2022

Promoting Reading


In our school we know how important reading is. We love to share the joy of reading a good book with our children. The children in the EYFS enjoy their weekly visits to our wonderful school library, guided reading sessions, our daily story time and sharing books in our beautiful reading area.

Christmas Dinner Day

Foundation Christmas Party

Advent - December 2021

Ancient Egypt - WOW Week


For our WOW Week this half term we have been learning about King Tutankhamun. We have enjoyed digging as archeologists and creating our own Egyptian masks.

Every day during November we remember the Holy Souls in our Prayers.

Firework Art


We have created our own firework art inspired by the artist Jackson Pollock. We used his 'drip technique' to help us to create our fireworks EXPLODING in the night sky,

Firework Night Sky

F1 - Autumn Hedgehogs

The Children in F1 had lots of fun on our autumnal walk.  We collected leaves of all different shapes and sizes and used them to create some autumn hedgehogs and leaf prints.

The children in F2 enjoyed our autumnal walk. We found lots of interesting leaves, seeds and twigs. There were lots of different shaped leaves in many colours. We also liked throwing up sycamore seeds as high as we could and watching them spin as they fell to the ground. It was so much fun!

In F1 we have been celebrating Black History Month by recognising the contributions and achievements of those with African and Caribbean heritage. The children have painted beautiful African Sunset pictures and made African patterned masks.

F1 - Black History Month

Watercolour Sunsets

African Patterned Masks

Black History Month

Still image for this video
As part of Black History Month we have been learning about Rosa Parks. We have added our own new verse to The Wheels on the Bus in honour of her efforts to ensure everybody had a seat on the bus.

The Wheels on the Bus - extra verse


The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round.

The wheels on the bus go round and round all day long!


Rosa on the bus says all welcome here, all welcome here, all welcome here.

Rosa on the bus says all welcome here all day long!

F1 Guardian Angels

Wherever you go, whatever you do,

May your guardian angel watch over you!