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A new commandment I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another.


John 13:34-35​​​​​​

Welcome to the Foundation Stage


Welcome to all of our children and families. We have been having so much fun during our first few weeks: making new friends, settling in, working hard and most importantly having fun!


Don't forget to keep checking this page to see some of the many fun learning opportunties we take part in.

Wednesday Word

Please find the link below to Sunday's Gospel. Share the gospel together enjoy completing one or two of the activities.



Holy Week


The children have been learning about the events that happened during this special week.

They took part in a special Palm Sunday assembly led by the children in Year 5 where they waved their palm leaves just like the crowd did as Jesus entered Jerusalem. 

They participated in an assembly about Jesus' Last Supper, during which some of the children in Reception re-enacted this momentous  occasion.

They then  participated in a simple collective worship about the Stations of the Cross.

Finally, we shared the special story of Easter Sunday and Jesus' Resurrection. The children then created oil pastel crosses to remember this special occasion.







We all had a wonderful time enjoying the snow. We made patterns and footprints in the snow,  played, built snowmen, threw snowballs as high as we could and as far as we could and had snow much fun!

Ice Ornaments


We have had so much fun creating our own ornaments using water and glitter. We then thought about how we could turn these into ice ornaments. We decided to put some outside in the cold and some into the freezer. 

Once the ornaments had frozen, we had so much fun observing our ice ornaments throughout the day. We noticed that the smaller ornaments melted faster and the larger ones took much longer to melt. We also noticed that the ornaments melted quicker in our warm hands.


WOW Week - Ancient Egypt - Heroes and Villains


What a busy week! The children have been learning about some aspects of Ancient Egypt. Particularly, King Tutankhamun, the pyramids, tombs, mummies and the archeologists that have helped us to learn so much about the Ancient Eyptians. As part of their learning they have tried to make pyramids, pretended to be archeologists on an important dig, designed a mask fit for a pharoah and tried to create a mummy.

Ancient Egypt - Heroes and Villains

Room on the Broom


The children in EYFS have thoroughly enjoyed sharing this well known rhyming story.  They have acted out parts of the story,  designed a broom for all the characters using Lego and made their own paper witch.



The children enjoyed learning about Autumn. We had a wonderful walk looking for signs of Autumn, collecting lots of Autumn objects and using them in our learning. 





The children in EYFS thoroughly enjoyed participating in this year's Harvest Festival. The children brought in a wide range of fruits and vegetables to the Harvest table. The children enjoyed joining in with the special assembly, singing the Harvest Samba, making Harvest wreaths and even enjoying delicious vegetable soup.

October - Black History Month


The theme of this year's Black History Month is Saluting our Sisters. We have been learning about a very special lady: Rosa Parks. She wanted to make sure everybody had a seat on the bus no matter what their skin colour was. We have enjoyed learning about Rosa Parks as well as sharing some special books including: The Colours of Us and All are Welcome!

Black History Month

WOW Week: Which Place Would You Like to Live In?


For our first WOW week of the year we compared Kenya to England. We learnt about Kenya, enjoyed the story Handa's Surprise, carried out lots of work linked to both the book and the country before we compared Kenya to England. We then asked the children where they would like to live. All of the children wished to visit Kenya but chose to live in England.

First School Days


The children in the Foundation Stage have been busy getting to know us and each other. They have settled in wonderfully and are  really working hard to learn the rules and follow the routines of the day. They seem to be having lots of fun whilst doing so. It's going to be a fun filled year!