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Growing in Faith Together (G.I.F.T) Pupil Chaplaincy Team

Chaplaincy Team 2024

KS1 Assembly - Chaplaincy led

Peace Garden Collective Worship - Chaplaincy led.

Chaplaincy team working with EYFS to support with Collective Worship

The GIFT chaplaincy team were commissioned by Father Dearman and presented with their certificates and badges by Mrs Casey during All Saints Mass on 1st November.

Before the Year 3 children completed their First Holy Communion, the Pupil Chaplains visited them in their classrooms to answer any questions the children had about this special day. This eased any worries the Year 3 children may have had and lots of happy stories were shared.


The Pupil Chaplains created a retirement message for Canon McBride and along with other schools their message was passed on to Canon McBride during the GIFT celebration day at Bamber Bridge on 25th June. The celebration day was a wonderful day for the chaplains. They processed into church with their school banner and they completing many different workshops throughout the day.


March - April


During Lent, the Pupil chaplains lead lunch time prayer groups. Children discuss their Lenten promises. Through drama they act out how they would keep their promises. The children complete Lenten Art work using pastels and water colours. The children host prayers in the Easter garden.


During the Ash Wednesday Service in school, the Pupil Chaplains assisted by reading during the service. 


In February, to celebrate St Valentine's Feast Day, the Pupil Chaplains visit each class to show the children a power point they had made about St Valentine. The children at Our Lady of Grace now know lots more about this special Saint.

The Pupil Chaplains and the Mini Vinnie's visited Sacred Heart Church in Rochdale for the Mass 'Be Who God Created You To Be'. It was a beautiful Mass filled with children from the Diocese. Prior to the Mass the children created their own prayer cards and they then distributed them at their own stall after the Mass. The children had a fantastic evening.



In December the Pupil Chaplain team led an Advent prayer reflection service for teachers before the start of the school day. The service was beautiful, well done Pupil Chaplains!


The children also led Lunchtime Advent prayer groups for the children. Children from Foundation -Year 6 were invited to find out more about Advent. They completed Art and Drama activities and everyone had lots of fun.



The School Chaplains were commissioned by Monsignor Allen and presented with thier certificates by Mrs Casey during All Saints Mass on Thursday 1st November.

Pupil Chaplains attended St Mary's, Bamber Bridge for the Beacon of Hope Day with the Right Rev John Arnold, Bishop of Salford. It was a day of celebration for the GIFT chaplaincy teams. Following on from this the children led an assembly to introduce the school to Hope in the Future. Pupil Chaplains regularly support our faith through assemblies (involving readings, role play, collective worship) and lunchtime prayer groups.

GIFT chaplains in the grounds of St Mary's Bamber Bridge.

Presentation of the St Damiano Cross

During Lent the Pupil Chaplaincy Team planned and delivered lunch time prayer clubs for the Phase 2 children.


During Holy Week they visited the local nursing home and delivered Easter cards they had made. Before leaving the children read a piece of scripture (Mark Chapter 9 verses 2-10). The children chose a word or phrase from the reading to take with them and thought about how it related to the visit. This activity is known as 'Walking with the Word.'


The Pupil Chaplains also enjoyed taking part in Easter meditation sessions.


Please see below a report (and photo) by the children on a very special day this week. This event is the only time the school is commissioned to have Pupil Chaplains so this was extra special for our children. 

'On the 29th November, the Pupil Chaplains were invited to Salford Diocese to be trained for this important role. While we were there we talked about what chaplaincy means and where the meaning of chaplaincy comes from. Sister Judith was very inspiring. The last thing we did was to go to the Commissioning Service, where Canon McBride handed us a certificate and gave us a special blessing. We had a wonderful day'.


The children who have been chosen to be part of the Chaplaincy Team are now understanding how important their role is in witnessing the faith and have regular meetings working with Mrs Callaghan. Activities have been planned for during Advent. The team will be formally commissioned by Bishop John during a special mass.

We are launching Pupil Chaplains this year.


Father Allen has been in to school to speak to the Year Five children about the Pupil Chaplaincy.

Mrs Sinclair and Mr Watson gave the children further information about what a the role of a Pupil Chaplain involves and asked pupils to consider if this role is for them.

All year five pupils have written a letter, explaining why they feel they should be selected for this very important role. Those pupils who feel that they would seriously like to be considered for the role of Pupil Chaplain, have submitted their letters to Mrs Sinclair.


Mrs Sinclair and Mr Watson are now in the process of considering each letter carefully, and we will inform those pupils who need to go on to the next stage of Presentation.