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Mission Statement




Our Lady of Grace Roman Catholic School recognises that each member of our community is unique and made in the image and likeness of God.


Our school will encourage each member:


  • Through WORK,  to develop his or her potential
  • Through WORSHIP, to learn to know and love God and His world
  • Through WITNESS,  to proclaim to all the peace, joy and glory of God



The aim of the school is to help children to learn to live together and to work and play in a happy, friendly and inclusive atmosphere. Our love of God and of each other must always be foremost in our mind. We therefore, hope to develop the whole child by fostering, in a Catholic atmosphere, the qualities of mind, body, spirit, feeling and imagination.


The children are taught to respect others and other people’s property and to have pride in themselves, in their school, in their religions and to be tolerant of their ways of life.


The school aims are summarised separately as follows:

To foster the spiritual development of our children by experiencing the love of God and leading them to a greater understanding of our faith through worship, witness and work.


To provide a secure, caring, supportive and well balanced atmosphere that will encourage a happy and stimulating environment.


To develop in each child, a sense of responsibility, self-confidence, self-respect, the habits of self-discipline and acceptable behaviour including respect and sensitivity for other people’s ways of life. This will hopefully prepare each child for his/her life in society.


To provide a broad, balanced, relevant, differentiated, progressive Curriculum that meets the individual needs and abilities of each child in conjunction with developing lively, enquiring and creative minds that promotes academic achievement and excellence.


To recognise parents as the first educators of their children and to value them as partners in promoting their children’s education.


To work together with the parish, the local and wider community, through active participation and fund raising projects.


To view the work of the school as a continuum which extends into other schools and Secondary education so that each child is equipped to become a caring, tolerant, respectful and responsible citizen in our society.