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The Governing Body



For Academic Year October 2017 - August 2018


Please note:

  • The Foundation Governors of Our Lady of Grace are appointed by the Bishop of Salford.
  • Details of the committees each governor serves on can be found at the bottom of this page.
  • There are no relevant business interests to disclose for any governor. (Updated Autumn 2017).
  • Mrs Devine also serves on the Governing Body at St Monica's High School Manchester.
  • An attendance at full governing body meetings register can be viewed at the bottom of this page.


                                                                                                              Start of Term    End of Term


Chairman of Governors and Foundation:             Mr T Allerton              01.09.16           31.08.20


Vice Chairman and Foundation Governor:          Mgr J Allen                 01.09.16           31.08.20


Vice Chairman/Foundation Governor:                 Mrs C Gibb                 01.09.16           31.08.20


Foundation Governor (Safeguarding & LAC):    Mrs L Murphy              07.07.15            06.07.19


Foundation Governor:                                          Mrs J Edgar               01.09.12           31.08.20


Foundation Governor                                     Mrs M O'Rourke              07.07.15           06.07.19


Foundation Governor                                      Mrs E Masud                01.09.16            31.08.20


Elected Parent Governor                                   Mr. M. Warr                  01.09.16           31.08.20

Elected Parent Governor:                                 Mrs C Devine              12.02.14             11.02.18

Staff Governor:                                        Mrs M Parnell-Sinclair          07.11.14            06.11.18


LA Governor:                                         Councillor  P Heneghan          24.07.15            31.08.19


Headteacher Staff Governor:                        Mrs A K Casey               01.09.14                  N/A


Clerk to the Governors:                               Mrs J McCoy                     N/A



All correspondence for the attention of the Governors should be addressed to:


Mr T Allerton

Chair of Governors

Our Lady of Grace RC Primary School

Highfield Road


M25 3AS


Tel: 0161 796 7254

E-Mail: olog@bury.gov.uk

Fax: 0161 796 3391


Instrument of Government

The school was founded by and is part of the Catholic Church. The school is to be conducted as a Catholic School in accordance with Cannon Law and the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, and in accordance with the Trust Deed of the Diocese of Salford.


Pecuniary Interest

Mrs Devine also sits on the St Monica's High School Governing Body.


Committee Membership 



Mgr J Allen (Chair), Mrs C Gibb, Mrs A Casey, Mrs O'Rourke.



Mrs J Edgar (Chair), Mrs C Gibb, Mrs M Sinclair, Mrs C Devine, Mr P Heneghan, Mrs A Casey.



Mr T Allerton, Mrs J Edgar, Mr P Henegan (Chair), , Mrs A Casey, Mrs Masud.



Mgr Allen, Mr T Allerton, Mr P Heneghan, Mrs J Edgar, Mrs C Gibb


Premises/Health & Safety

Mr T Allerton (Chair), Mrs Murphy, Mrs C Devine, Mr M Warr, Mrs A Casey.



Mrs C Gibb, Mrs Edgar, Mgr Allen (Chair), Mrs A Casey, Mrs M O'Rourke.


                                                          All Governors listed have full voting rights.


Register of attendance at full governing body meetings


1. Full Governing Body Meeting Autumn 2017  Mrs Casey, Mr Allerton, Father Allen, Mrs Gibb, Mr Heneghan, Mr Warr, Mrs Edgar, Mrs Masud, Mrs O'Rourke, Mrs Devine, Mr Collins (observer), Mrs McCoy (Clerk)