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Sports Funding

Our Lady of Grace RC Primary School has received £20000 (approx) for School Sports Funding 2017-18.


This funding is part of a three year project to improve the provision of school sport and the health of our children.


Already the children at Our Lady of Grace are benefiting from fantastic new gym equipment and specialised sports coaching after school.


The school has purchased a new PE scheme of work and provided staff training so they deliver even higher quality gymnastic lessons.


The PE leader has sent questionnaires to all families to ascertain areas where we can direct future funding most effectively.


The impact of all the initiatives is also monitored by the PE leader as part of their role see Miss Beesley's report below.


Sports Funding 2017 -2018


Celebrations from 2016 - 2017

  • Silver Award achieved – this needs to continue as we will have to reapply each year. Gold would entail us teaching 2 hours of curriculum PE as ASC not included. Need to keep links with outside clubs – Phillips High
  • Lunch time leaders –working well so far. Children are very keen and showing good leadership skills.KS2 classes are all getting the chance to work with the lunch time leaders.
  • Premier League Primary Stars – nominated by parents. With this we received a class pack. It encourages the premier league values: be ambitious, be inspiring, be connected, be fair. The lunch time leaders are going to choose 5 children each week to receive a certificate for each of the values and then 1 overall star sports person. These children’s names will then be placed on the sports board.
  • Qfirst Sports – change this year as they are covering PPA now.
  • Cyber coach – still available.


Targets – 2017 – 2018

  • Continue to work on the lunch time leader sessions (more able children) – space/classes/supervision.
  • Sports Premium Money – specialised sports coaching for year groups, swimming for children who have not achieved the expectation, research School games for us to be a part of, sport materials.
  • A trial of The Daily Mile.


(Please click on the link below to see the PE Leader's previous detailed report on Sports Funding Spending and Impact 2016-17).