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Welcome to Y2C - Please bear with us as we populate this page ready for the new academic year. Below you can still see all the wonderful things your child was involved with last year!

Y2C welcomes you to our class page.

This is our school

Let it be full of love,

                                        Love of one another                                      

Love of life itself

But most of all the love of Jesus Christ Our Lord.



Religious Education - Autumn term




Domestic Church – Family

Learning Focus:

  1. God was there at the beginning of the world
  2. God was there at the beginning and God is there at every beginning
  3. It is good to begin the day with prayer
  4. A psalm is a song to praise God
  5. God is always close
  6. God who is present at our beginning knows and loves each one






Below is a photograph of  our class reflected on our unit 'Holy days and Holidays'.


Our 'Knight and Princess' party day



On Tuesday we had a wonderful 'Knight and Princess' party day as we had come to the end of our topic for this half term. The children dressed up we made crowns, shields, Princess hats, wands and swords. In the afternoon we had a lovely picnic under our sails on the grass. We then played in the sun. We ended our day with some Knight and Princess stories. We all had a fun day!






Spring term

This term our topic themes are 'Superheroes' and 'Growth'.

In Religious Education we are learning about special people, our local church community and the Eucharist.


In collective worship we have been sharing thoughts about who is special to us in our lives and why they are special. We then prayed for them together as a class

We have been thinking about how the parish family spend time together after Mass. Quite often, the parish family gather together to have some refreshments and spend special time together. We decided to spend some special time together as a class in this same way. We decorated biscuits with icing and sweets. We then spent time talking together and reflecting on how we can spread love in our home, school and parish.

(We thought the biscuits were delicious and had a great time!)



In Literacy we read the story 'Jack and the beanstalk' we acted out our favourite part of the story, created wanted posters for the giant and wrote  a different version of the story.

We have been looked at instructional texts and we wrote instructions for how to plant a sunflower seed. We then followed our instructions and planted our own sunflower seeds. Remember to keep watering them over the Easter holidays and make sure they are close to a window so they can have some sunlight! I hope your sunflowers grow as big as Jack's beanstalk!!

Autumn term


Our Topic themes for this term are;

'Bears in the wood', 'Space' and 'Christmas'

In Religious Education we are learning about the Church family, the sacrament of Baptism 
and Advent.





In Year 1 we have had a lovely time preparing for Christmas. We cannot wait for Christmas morning after all of our fun activities!


In Literacy we wrote a letter to Father Christmas. We then walked to the Post Office in Prestwich to post our letters!


We listened to the story of the Nativity from the Bible. We then created a freeze frame of the story in groups.


We also made Christingles in our Religious Education lesson. We learnt that the candle shows us that Jesus is the light of the world. We had great fun making them and eating the sweets!


We visited Church this half term to learn more about the sacrament of Baptism. Father Allen told us all about the special sacrament of Baptism and we learnt what the Baptismal font is used for.


We had a fantastic Christmas party day where we made party hats and developed our circus skills in the hall!

Space- 'Man on the Moon'


In class we read the story 'Man on the moon'. In groups we then re-enacted the story through drama. Below is a photograph of one of our drama pieces.



Our Gruffalo party day


On Friday we had a Gruffalo party day! We read the story by Julia Donaldson, we made Gruffalo masks, danced like Gruffalos in the hall to Gruffalo music, ate a Gruffalo picnic which included; scrambled snake sweets, fox cheese sandwiches, orange eye popcorn, and gruffalo cakes. Finally we watched the Gruffalo film.

We had a fantastic Gruffalo day!

Below are some pictures from our special day.


Our Teddy Bear Picnic Day


On Thursday the children brought into school their favourite teddy bear. In the morning the children wrote a description of their teddy  bears. In the afternoon we went outside and shared a delicious picnic in the sun, we also played lots of fun games. We had a fabulous day!


Our Teddy Bear Hunt Day


On Tuesday the children created a Lost poster for a missing Panda bear.

On Thursday the children went on a Panda Bear hunt to find the missing Panda. We searched high and low, all around the school and in the playgrounds. The children asked Mrs Casey, Mr Collins and the ladies in the office if they had seen Panda. We asked Miss Handley and Mrs Turner if they had seen Panda bear but no one seemed to have seen her anywhere! We finally found Panda bear on the stage in the playground. We think she must have been doing some teddy bear acting!



General Information

Reading books

Reading books will be sent home every night, please sign the home/school reading record so we can change your child's book.


Physical Education 

P.E is on a Wednesday with Mr Thompson. Please leave your P.E kit in class and we will send it home at the end of each half term.



Homework will be sent home on a Friday to be returned the following Wednesday.