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Y6H Celebration Day!

Alton Castle Kit List

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Read the sheet below which explains what your writing task is for this week. You are going to think about a memory that you cherish and write about it in detail. When I read it, I will be looking for two things:
*Fantastic description (adjectives and adverbs)
*Great sentence openers ( try not to keep using 'I' to begin your sentences)
Make the reader feel so interested and enjoy it so much that they wish that it had happened to them!

Character Description Part 2
Once you have completed your writing, go back through it to find areas that you can improve.

If you have improved an opener, change the font colour of it to ORANGE.
If you have added any adjectives or adverbs, change the font colour of it to GREEN.
If you have added any great conjunctions, change the font colour of it to BLUE.

If you have put in any missing punctuation, change the font colour of it to RED.

Checking and improving your work is a very important skill, so make sure that you do it carefully. You need to be good at drafting and redrafting your writing in Year 6 to do the best writing that you possibly can. I expect to see lots of changes to your original work.

Character Description Writing Task Part 1

Recount Writing Task

Click the link below to read a letter from your teachers

Coronavirus school closure 2020


Please follow the links below to access lists of activities compiled by the classteacher that you and your child could complete at home. Please note that while it would be great if you did manage to complete some of these activities, as home circumstances vary greatly, please do not feel you have to. These activities are suggestions only. Many activities listed will require leading by an adult. Learning about topics both you and your child are interested in will result in the highest quality learning.

LETTERS FROM YOUR CLASSMATES Send any letters to Mrs Sinclair, (see weekly planner for email), who will put them onto our 5PS class page.

Weekly Plan Suggested Activities

Suggested Activities Week Beginning 13th July 2020

Suggested Activities Week Beginning 6th July 2020

Suggested Activities Week Beginning 29th June 2020

Suggested Activities Week Beginning 22nd June 2020

Suggested Activities Week Beginning 15th June 2020

Suggested Activities Week Beginning Monday 8th June 2020

Suggested Activities Week Beginning Monday 1st June 2020

Suggested Activities Week Beginning Monday 18th May 2020

Suggested Activities Week Beginning Monday 11th May 2020

If you want to do any extra work to help you with your report targets or to prepare for next year, click on the star below.  These activities are suggestions only for those parents who wish their child to continue with some home learning over the summer holiday. There is no expectation for the children to complete these. Many of the resources are useful for regularly practising things that the children need to know off by heart. They are best learned in frequent short bursts with regular testing rather than prolonged periods of trying to learn them.  The most useful holiday tasks are those which I have outlined in the Weekly Planner 9 ‘Summer Holiday Tasks’ section.


The Primary Games software that we use for maths  in school is currently free to use online. Click on the link below to access the games. Find the Volumes 1 - 8 and work through the games that you enjoy playing, but also try some new ones. Remember, don't just play the easy levels! Challenge yourself to improve your skills!

Look at the maths facts on the sheet below. You need to learn as many of these facts as you can off by heart. They will really help you when you are in Year 6. Get someone at home to help you by testing you to make sure that you know them. Remember, looking at them once or twice isn't enough! You need to keep revising them on a regular basis so that you don't forget them.

Suggested Timetable

Below you will find further links to external sites designed to support families while home schooling their children during lockdown. 

Welcome to Y5PS

 Welcome to our class page. Here you will be able to see all the exciting learning that is taking place and there are lots of useful links included to help. We have a very exciting year ahead!

Remembrance Assembly 11/11/19




Wednesday- Reading Book

Thursday- Reading Book

Friday- ENGLISH & MATH. Return this work on the following Wednesday.

READING BOOKS can be changed as and when required.

Thanks everyone!!!


Understanding Pollination (Science Investigation.)


Problem Solving. (Addition & Subtraction)