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Thursday 7th Jan 2021 - Home Learning

Daily 10


In class we start each day off with the daily 10. 10 maths sums in 10 minutes, a great way to get the brains working in the morning. Good luck (:

Maths - Multiply 2-digits by 1-digit


-Watch link on Multiplying 2-digit by 1-digit. (Pupils should already be comfortable with this, the link is attached as a guide for parents or pupils that need a little extra guidance).


-Work through the Powerpoint with your Child. You can use a whiteboard and marker if you have one available, if not a piece of paper and pencil will work just as well.


-Read the guide and choose the appropriate worksheet for your child, alternatively your child should be able to choose their own worksheet.


-Child to work through worksheet. A printout of the sheet can be used, or a workbook is just as good.


-The answers have been included to pupils can mark their own work and see how they did.

Grammar - differentiate between plural and possessive apostrophes.


-Watch link attached to learn what the difference between plural and possessive apostrophes.


-A second link has been attached, linking you to additional information provided by BBC bitesize.


-Work through Powerpoint with your child, correcting any misconceptions as you go along.


-Choose appropriate worksheet for your child. Often pupils can complete 2 of these worksheets in one lesson.


-Answers have been included for parents and pupils if they wish to mark their own work.



The spellings for the entire term have been included here so please keep a copy for your children to practise with. Optional Activities


-Work through Powerpoint with your child.


-Allow child to complete word search.


-Ask child to look-up each spelling in the dictionary and copy out the definition of the spelling.


-Child to create, and write out an interesting sentence for each of the weekly spellings.


-Spelling test is usually on a Friday, as this is only a 2-day week we will not have a test but some of the activities should be completed.

Mental Arithmetic Practice


Pupils to work through Mental Arithmetic Practice Paper. If any mistakes are made, explain solution to the problem in full to your child. The answers are also attached.

Wednesday Word

Y5G Parent Support email address:



Weekly Spellings Spring Term 1

Weekly Spellings Autumn Term 2

Year 5/6 Statutory Spelling Words

Below you will find further links to external sites designed to support families while home schooling their children during lockdown.