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Welcome to Y4S

Wednesday Word

Please find below the link to this week's copy of the Wednesday Word if you would like to share and reflect upon the Sunday Gospel.


Google Classroom Work


Half Term Writing Task- The Cave (continued)

Last week, you were asked to write the beginning to a story about a dark and mysterious cave.
Your half term writing task is to write the middle and end to this story. 
At the end you should have a gripping story full of adjectives to make your writing more interesting.

The Cave

You are standing at the edge of the mysteriously dark cave.

What can you see?

What can you smell?

How do you feel?

Are you alone?

How did you end up there?


You are going to write the beginning of your story about the cave. Your story should include lots of adjectives to describe the cave. Use the questions above to help you think about what you want to write.


Let your imagination run wild :)

The Lighthouse

Firstly, click the link and watch the video. You are going to write a newspaper article about the video you have watched. It is your job to pretend you are the reporter, think about how the lighthouse keeper, villagers and people in the boat were feeling.

The Troll

Look carefully at the attached picture and read the opening paragraph. Use your creative writing skills to continue the story using lots of description to captivate your reader. Remember to use adjectives, adverbs, paragraphs, punctuation and speech.

Welcome back!


We hope that you are all well rested, ready and excited for the year ahead. We have been looking forward to your return for a very long time. We hope that you feel happy, settled and safe in school.



Click the link below to read a letter from your teachers

Weekly Plan Suggested Activities (September '20)

Looking Forward

Below, you will find information and activities that will aid your child’s transition into Year Four.

Weekly Plan Suggested Activities

Below you will find further links to external sites designed to support families while home schooling their children during lockdown. 

Welcome to Year 3JMc

We work hard in Y3 but still try to have as much fun as possible. On this page you will find out about some of the exciting things we do. Keep checking back as we will try to update this page regularly

Swimming Notice


Don't forget swimming starts for Y3JMc on the first day back (28th October '19). Please ensure that you send your child in with their swimming kits.


George's Marvellous Medicine


We have had so much fun whilst reading our class text. We carried out lots of exciting work linked to this including: role play, hot-seating, writing instructions for our own magical medicine, illustrating part of the story, writing rhymes and even making a magical medicine.


George's Marvellous Medicine

Our Outdoor Numberline Lesson

Everyday Materials - Sorting Materials Activity