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Y2N- Archive


Welcome to Year 2N

We work hard in Year 2 but still try to have as much fun as possible. On this page you will find out about some of the exciting things we do and our weekly homework tasks. Keep checking back as we will try to update this page regularly.

Wednesday Word


Please find this half-term's Wednesday Word Booklet attached with the link below.


Weekly Homework

Friday 11th December 2020 - Subtraction crossing ten


Watch the video linked below and complete the 'subtraction - crossing ten' worksheets attached.



Subtraction crossing ten

Friday 4th December 2020 - Find and Make Number Bonds 

Watch the video linked below and complete the 'find and make number bonds' worksheets attached. 



Find and Make Number Bonds

Friday 27th November 2020 - Represent numbers to 100


Watch the video linked below and complete the 'order objects and numbers' worksheets attached. 





Order objects and numbers worksheets

Friday 20th November 2020 - Represent numbers to 100


Watch the video linked below and complete the 'represent numbers to 100 ' worksheets attached



Represent numbers to 100

Friday 13th November 2020 - Counting in 10s


Watch the video linked below and complete the counting in 10s worksheets attached.



Counting in 10s worksheets

Grendel: A Cautionary Tale About Chocolate


We are having so much fun reading our class text Grendel. We will carry out lots of exciting work linked to this including:  hot-seating, writing letters, creating our own Chocolate Land, writing instructions and making chocolate truffles. We will also create our own Monster and write an alternative story linked to Grendel.

Bonfire Night - Thursday 5th November 2020 

This week we have celebrated Bonfire Night in school, we have learnt all about why we celebrate Bonfire Night and all about the Gunpowder Plot. We all had lots of fun celebrating with different activities, these included;  firework pictures using oil pastels, glitter firework pictures and edible sparkles. 

Year 1C 

  Friday 16th October


       Please make a  super picture Story (about at least 4 to max 6 six pictures)


              Smok Wawelski .  A Famous  Polish Legend.

         Use their pictures to re-tell their story .

       A video would be nice Happy



        Without a mask, get some salty sea air.


But you must first go on one of the piers (middle best),

   Between   4 and 6 pm,

To watch the starlings come to roost underneath, there are thousands

    of them,

  Its their stop before they fly South for the winter.


They fly over Spain.


Friday 9th October


Google  Starfall reading as last week.

Read and make a story map for Chicken Little.  Use you favourite six parts from the story and write a sentence for each.  Remember your capital letters and full stops, please.  Enjoy.  Go and see Blackpool illuminations.


Writing Homework - Story Map

Friday 2nd October 2020

Hi, Let's have some fun at home. Using the link below, read the story and make your own story map or booklet. Use your finished map or booklet and re-tell your story. Enjoy.



Click the link below to read a letter from your teachers

Coronovirus school closure 2020


Please follow the links below to access lists of activities compiled by the classteacher that you and your child could complete at home. Please note that while it would be great if you did manage to complete some of these activities, as home circumstances vary greatly, please do not feel you have to. These activities are suggestions only. Many activities listed will require leading by an adult. Learning about topics both you and your child are interested in will result in the highest quality learning.

Weekly Plan Suggested Activities

Week Beginning 14/9/20

Week Beginning 7/9/20

Week Beginning 1/6/20

Week Beginning 18/5/20

Week Beginning 11/5/20

Suggested Timetable

Below you will find further links to external sites designed to support families while home schooling their children during lockdown. 

Welcome to 1C


This term our topic is "Bears/Autumn"

Please practise your sounds at home each night using your Phonics book and send into school the following day.


Below is a list of some useful websites to use at home:


phonics play (please use phase 2and phase 3 and the sounds covered so far)




youtube - jolly phonics songs are available to listen to on here, also Mr Brock




Remember that every Friday is our 'Star of the Week' day, when one lucky boy or girl get to take Pirate Pete home for the weekend!






Hi I hope everyone is keeping well and safe.


I miss you all.


Remember to always Say your prayers. 

To wash you hands.

To be nice.

To be Happy



Go into your garden. Get two different things, stones and sticks.  Then you decide if stones are tens and sticks are ones and then do some fun maths. 

Get some chalk and write numbers or water and brushes.


Don't forget to look after your bean and fill in your diary, photos would be good


Remember to be good and happy and to help your mum and dad.


Ask dad to try this.  Have a safe fire.  Half burn the wood.  Allow it to cool then break off  the charcoal,  its good  for writing or barbecues.


Keep a daily diary, write what you do.  Draw, colour and label things you see butterflies, bees, birds, plants and trees have fun.



Be Safe, Love Mr Cooper




We made superhero masks at home and had lots of fun parading round the hall wearing them. Thank you to everyone at home who helped make our amazing masks!

Our Superhero Parade

We got a message that the Witch from the story had been seen on the Nature Trail so we went out to investigate. When we were out there we found that she had left us some ingredients and a recipe to make her magic potion. We had a fun time making the potion and saying the magic words which made the potion fizz! We all added something to the pot as we made a wish.
Meet The Teacher
Meet Our Teddies




The Nature Trail