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Suggested Holiday Tasks

Arithmetic Tests

Please find below some further arithmetic tests for your child to work through. The first set are a continuation of the tests that I provided on the weekly planners during the term. I have then included some extra sheets for any child who needs further practice in a particular area. 


Because we finished school before we began work on percentages, it will be useful for the children to have a go at some of the tasks that I have provided below. I have included some links to instructional videos and PowerPoints that will hopefully help. 

This video will help you with finding percentages of amounts using the 'bubble method'. Have a go at the follow up worksheets.
These sheets will help you to learn fraction/decimal/percentage equivalents off by heart. If you practise them for a few minutes a day, it won't take you long to know them all really well!
The following games are a fun way to practice fraction/decimal/percentage equivalents. If the game has 'For evaluation only' across it, it is because it requires purchasing, but you can still play the game without doing so if you ignore the text on the screen. 

Improving Vocabulary

A useful task to improve children's vocabulary for story writing is for them to learn the meanings of some of the words on the mats provided below and put them into sentences of their own. The more often they use them, the more they will become part of their natural vocabulary, so how many times can they use them in everyday conversations?