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School Rules



School Rules as Approved by the Governors of Our Lady of Grace School


       1.  The school is a Voluntary Aided Roman Catholic School, conducted in accordance with                      the rites, practices and observances of the Roman Catholic faith. Children are expected                        to behave in a manner consistent with this overall aim. 

       2.  School begins at 8.55am. It is very important that pupils are punctual.

       3.  Absence should be covered by a note from parents. Telephone calls may be received about                  absence but should be supported by a note addressed to the class teacher when the                            child returns to school.  

       4.  All children are expected to take part fully in all lessons. If a child is unable to undertake any                  type of Physical Education activity for medical reasons, parents must send a note.

       5.  The school has a green uniform. Governors encourage parents to ensure that their
             children wear the uniform.

       6.  Pupils are expected to behave with politeness and courtesy at all times.  

       7.  Pupils must show respect for the property of others.

       8.  Children are expected to do any homework set by the teacher.

       9.  The bringing into school of glass bottles, glass thermos flasks or other potentially
           dangerous objects is not allowed.


      10. Parents who wish their children to transfer from
            school dinners to sandwiches and vice-versa should give two weeks written notice.

      11. Medicines must not be brought into the school without permission. 

      12. Outlandish hair styles or modes of dress are not allowed.

      13. In the interest of safety, the wearing of ear-rings is not allowed.

      14. Children should not bring valuables (especially money) into school. If it is necessary                         for some exceptional reason, valuables should be given to the teacher for safe keeping.
      15. It is expected that any child chosen to represent the school should see this as his/her                              first priority

      16. All clothing should be clearly marked with the child’s name. 


      Our Lady of Grace prides itself in the high standards of behaviour and manners which                             are consistently displayed by our pupils. Well done children!