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School Lunches

Children can either have a school lunch or bring a healthy packed lunch from home. Please give two weeks notice if you wish to switch. More information regarding school lunches is below.


Primary school meals cost £2.30 per day.


On offer each day there is:

  • a minimum of two choices of main course with vegetables or salad, plus potatoes or an alternative carbohydrate such as pasta. In many schools there is also a third choice option of jacket potato with a variety of fillings;
  • two choices of dessert or fresh fruit;
  • extra bread;
  • a non meat choice;
  • a drink which could be fruit juice, milk or water.

The school menus run on a three week cycle which is changed twice a year to avoid repetition and introduce new dishes

Catering for special diets and allergies

Please let your child's school know if they have any special dietary requirements. Pupils with specific food-related conditions such as coeliac, milk/egg/dairy free and lactose intolerance can be catered for if we are provided with a diet sheet from the pupil's dietitian, hospital or GP. If we can, we will accommodate specific dietary needs from our standard menu and ingredient range. We do not knowingly serve foods containing peanuts or tree nuts. If any specialist dietary preparations and prescription foods are required these will need to be supplied by the pupil's parent or carer. 

Copies of certificates are available.