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indecisionWelcome to Y5indecision

Remembrance Day 


This week we have been analysing some famous remembrance poems including In Flander's Fields and We Will Keep The Faith. 


Today we worked together as a whole class to create this outstanding war poem just in time for remembrance day. 


Poppies grow on Flander's Fields in between the dead,

Like the fallen heroes blood, crimson blooming red,

In No Man's Land the soldiers are in a peaceful sleep,

When they died they never cried only the relatives weep.


Overhead silence is deafening throughout the empty sky,

Even the birds pay their respect by never flying by,

Troops of soldiers suffer in trenches bodies covered in mud,

Their last words were "we'll meet again" or "good luck bud."



At the dreadful time of war soldiers were our only hope,

Without these brave young men our country couldn't cope,

We will never forget this suffering on 11th of November,

Sacrificing their lives for us we will always remember.


Settling in 


The children have all had a wonderful start to year 5 and have already made some big steps in their maturity, attitude and quality of work as they begin their journey in upper key stage 2. They should all be proud of their first half term.


Letters from the Lighthouse 


For the Autumn term we will be reading Letters from the Lighthouse and we are all curious about Suki's whereabouts and the identity of the mysterious man.



Our topic for the Autumn term is World War 2 and the children have shown amazing enthusiasm and shared lots of questions and stories of their own. We also enjoyed learning about evacuation and made name tags and gas masks.

Welcome to Y4P

Visits from people in our parish community

Visits from people in our parish community 1
Visits from people in our parish community 2
Father Allen and Mrs Edgar recently visited Year 4 to tell the children about the work they do within our parish community. The children thoroughly enjoyed the visits and asked our visitors about the qualities and skills required to fulfil their roles within our parish community.

Our Class Newspaper Report

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