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frownWelcome to 5G's Class Page frown


In Collective Worship we are thinking about peace and how to can continue to live out the mission that Jesus started. 


We listened to the story of the Hummingbird and learned that no matter how big or small you are, anyone can make a difference and anyone can help keep the peace. 




During design and technology week, we made Viking longboat moving toys using a CAM mechanism

In science we investigated the properties of materials by testing their magnetism, permeability, hardness and flexibility

Goal Scorers of the Week 


Thursday 19th January - The Piano 


"As my fingers walked along my antique piano, I looked around into the darkness of fears and into the light of good times..."



"Why did I tell him to shoot? It is all my fault. The heart in my beloved soul froze."



"I was terrified about what would happen, nevertheless my brother, Joe, was positive that we would return to London triumphantly and celebrate England's victory." 



"As my fingers strolled along the long dusty piano, I stared around into the spotlight of the dark, gloomy stage."




RATIONING: To end our World War 2 topic, the children worked together to make a traditional war time recipe - Corned Beef Hash

Goal Scorers of the Week


Thursday 21st October 2016 


The bright, bushy, green trees swayed side to side like the wind and the leaves dressed the branches. 



The planes were the Nazis and they were about to let their boisterous bombs chase the Londoners into the English Channel. 



Succulent trees swayed from side to side, like when you are listening to calm, tranquil music. 



Happily, I danced across the field and all I could feel was the long grass soaking my feet. 




Goal Scorers of the Week 


Thursday 6th October - Write a newspaper report 


James Towers, a local shop keeper, said, "I think Neville Chamberlain has made the right decision. But I am worried my two young ones will be hurt". 



Neville Chamberlain has had enough and has declared war! Now anything could happen....



After the speech, the villagers flooded out of the church hall and Mr Oakley announced, "I am going to the local shop to purchase some blackouts and a gas mask."



All of Little Weirwold are in shock and terror. Mothers are clutching on to their children and the men are frightened too!



Maths Outdoors! This morning we had fun going outside to investigate the properties of 3D shapes.

Maths Outdoors! This morning we had fun going outside to investigate the properties of 3D shapes. 1
Maths Outdoors! This morning we had fun going outside to investigate the properties of 3D shapes. 2
Maths Outdoors! This morning we had fun going outside to investigate the properties of 3D shapes. 3
Maths Outdoors! This morning we had fun going outside to investigate the properties of 3D shapes. 4

Harvest Assembly 


The children enjoyed finding out about CAFOD and how our harvest assembly helps those in need.

Thank you for all of your kind donations!


Goal Scorers of the Week 

Every Thursday we have our Big Write and following this, I select four children as Goal Scorers of the Week based on a sensational sentence from their writing.

I have been so impressed with all of their efforts so far it is proving to be a very difficult choice! 


Thursday 29th September - Describe a setting 


Blue, shimmering water was lapping over the lumpy rocks splashing up and down. 



As black as the night sky, I walked into the gloomy cave.



As I walked through the crystal forest, I saw the water gazing through the luscious green trees. 



As colourful as a disco ball, the pretty flowers blew from side to side in the wind. 




Thursday 22nd September - Write a story 


"Where's Piper?" Said mum. The Covacti family was going to Portugal and Piper was late as usual. After a few minutes, they found her hunched inside her wardrobe.



Out of the blue, a shark came charging towards them like a raging bull!



They considered calling it Terry, however they thought this was too long therefore they called it Bob.



As weeks and months went by, he got sadder and sadder. He had almost given up and ashamedly said to himself, "my dream is never going to come true."







Our Classroom Displays

Our Classroom Displays 1
Our Classroom Displays 2
Our Classroom Displays 3
Our Classroom Displays 4
Our Classroom Displays 5
Our Classroom Displays 6
Our Classroom Displays 7
We had fun today designing different sweets for Mr Willy Wonka to make in his chocolate factory. Here is our recipe to make one of our marvellous creations! We tried to use lots of different verbs to make our instructions interesting.
Recently we had Safer Internet Day where we were learning about how to keep safe online. 

Today we have been thinking about writing a set of rules for witches. We have tried especially hard to use formal language. Have a look to see how well we have done.


We have been reading The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy in Literacy this term and have been doing lots of fun activities including drama, writing playscripts and describing settings. We have enjoyed learning how to ride a broomstick so we have written a set of instructions for you incase you ever want to try it for yourselves!