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Leavers 2016

Congratulations Y6JM!

Last night Y6JM performed brilliantly in the class production of Romeo and Juliet.  Congratulations and a big thank you to all who participated.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8
Picture 9
Picture 10

Bird Feeders

Bird Feeders 1
Bird Feeders 2
Bird Feeders 3
Bird Feeders 4

Waste Week 2016

Waste Week 2016 1
Waste Week 2016 2
Waste Week 2016 3
Waste Week 2016 4
Waste Week 2016 5

Waste Week 2016


Y6JM have had a great time during Waste Week. We have created snow globes, bird feeders, money boxes and musical instruments from things that would normally be thrown into the bin. We know the 3Rs: Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.






World Book Day 2016


Today, as part of World Book Day, Y6JM have undertaken lots of activities linked to Roald Dahl and his wonderful work. 

We spent sometime looking at his Revolting Rhyme entitled Cinderella. We even carried out some drama linked to it. Take a look at our pictures below:


CInderella (Revolting Rhyme)

CInderella (Revolting Rhyme) 1
CInderella (Revolting Rhyme) 2
CInderella (Revolting Rhyme) 3
CInderella (Revolting Rhyme) 4
CInderella (Revolting Rhyme) 5
CInderella (Revolting Rhyme) 6
CInderella (Revolting Rhyme) 7

Booster Sessions

Well done to all those who attended this morning's Booster session. It was well attended and everybody was enthusiastic. Let's  keep this up!



Booster sessions take place every Wednesday at eight fifteen. Please ensure that you arrive at the school office at ten past eight.

Please be aware that breakfast is not provided therefore it is important that you have some breakfast before leaving for school.



Y6JM Homework

Enjoy the February half term but don't forget to complete your holiday homework.

  • ​Test 3 Set A Maths
  • Spelling
  • Arithmetic

All of the above can be found in your half term holiday homework packs



Y6JM had great fun making shadow puppets. We even had a shadow puppet show!

The shadow puppets were then used in subsequent weeks as part of our scientific investigations. We hope you like some of our puppets!


Our shadow puppet pics

Our shadow puppet pics 1
Our shadow puppet pics 2
Our shadow puppet pics 3
Our shadow puppet pics 4
Our shadow puppet pics 5
Our shadow puppet pics 6
Our shadow puppet pics 7
Our shadow puppet pics 8
Our shadow puppet pics 9
Our shadow puppet pics 10
Our shadow puppet pics 11
Our shadow puppet pics 12
Our shadow puppet pics 13
Our shadow puppet pics 14
Our shadow puppet pics 15
Our shadow puppet pics 16
Our shadow puppet pics 17

Last year the children looked at the work of L.S. Lowry. We learnt that Lowry used the 'Famous five' colours; blue, yellow, red, black and white. The children painted their self-portrait using just these colours and mixing paints to make new colours.