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*The school is currently reviewing the trips we offer the Y6 children. This may mean that the children visit somewhere else rather than Ampleforth this year. Parents will be kept informed. 

Ampleforth Residential Retreat


On our trip to Ampleforth Catholic College – we, the children of Year 6, will be given the chance to take;

  • a pause from the "business" of everyday life
  • an opportunity to strengthen friendships
  • some time for quiet prayer and reflection in a peaceful atmosphere
  • the time to build and strengthen friendships and promote understanding between pupils and teachers
  • ‘time-out’ for recreation, games, songs, learning and play”


We will be very interested in the lives of the brothers who live and work at Ampleforth.  We will have a question and answer round with Fr Terence and Brother Benedict on our first night which we will enjoy.


As part of the trip we will celebrate Holy Mass with Fr. Terence.  We will also look forward to a tour of the Abbey.


Towards the end of the tour, Brother Benedict will show us where the Brothers eat and explain to us that silence is expected when eating in the refectory and as such a series of complex hand signals had  developed in order to communicate which we all tried out with different degrees of success.

Ampleforth Abbey

Ampleforth Abbey 1